Hi, I’m Angie

I specialize in working with professional coaches and small business owners who are currently working to create a clearly defined and proven business model plus revenue and is ready to grow their business to new levels with the help of a Virtual Assistant and a “dream team”.

Are you ready to be LIFTED out of the day-to-day operations of your business so that you can work ON your business – instead of IN it?

My Approach

I am here to help busy entrepreneurs organize, run, and grow their online businesses!

Most entrepreneurs, small business owners, or growing businesses will definitely reach a point where they are either unable to handle all the tasks before them or don’t have sufficient background and experience online to know how to proceed. When that point comes, don’t hesitate, look for a virtual assistant!

Dream it

Build it

  • Having a partnership with me is a long term solution for your business to build a strong foundation for your business that will result in increased levels of freedom and time for YOU to focus on ONLY what you can do in your business, work/life balance, business stability, and efficiency and of course increased revenue.

  • I personally partner and provide management services directly to you with the support of your online “dream team”. I may work with your current team or build a new team.

  • Your day-to-day operations will be managed so that you can feel secure that things are getting done without you having to be a part of every single decision.

  • Your BIG picture implementation plans will be created and executed

  • Building, training, delegation, and management of your team will take you out of the day-to-day administrative details and decisions that must be communicated each day to make sure things get done on the back end of your business.

  • A strong marketing mindset applied to everything we do in the business – an OBM is always thinking, WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO GROW THIS BUSINESS?

  • The metrics (sales, list, etc) of your business will be collected, tracked, and analyzed to determine where we should be focusing time, energy, and money on.

  • Revenue generation products will be developed, produced, and launched creating multiple streams of income

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